Kohan 2: Kings of War Review (PC)

I had been looking for a gift for a friend when I stumbled upon this game. It was all set to be wrapped. I decided to check its internet ratings and to my amazement, on my hands was one of the top PC games of 2004!

Unique Game Play
Kohan introduces the concept of rout. It's distinctive since you have another element to monitor, compared to most strategy games where you only track the health and mana of your troops. Now, you also have to check their morale. Morale affects your ability to control your soldiers and if it reaches a certain low point, your units will either go berserk fighting or may retreat despite having full health. This adds a completely new twist to the game play.

Where many games in this genre allow you to create units like bees in a beehive, where you go spawn some, send them out and then generate some more - in Kohan, you have to pay close attention to your squads. There's no such thing as granular piece-by-piece control in this game. You put together companies - a group of units taken together as a single entity. As long as one member of the company lives, you can regenerate the entire group once you get back to your base. The better you take care of them, the stronger they become as they build the experience points.

There are lot of new things to tinker with. The formation of your troops affects their efficiency during combat. There are 6 races in the game and each of them have their own strengths, weaknesses and style of play.

Zero Popularity
I can easily say none of my friends have ever played nor heard about this game. Its multiplayer features are sadly a waste, all because it had failed to gain enough popularity much needed to succeed in this area. Once you finish the campaign, you can put the game back in your shelf or put it at auction in eBay. However, you can always try the difficult mode or go for the custom missions, or generate random maps.

And you guessed it! My friend got a different gift.

Rating: 9.0 - Great

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