NBA Live 2003 Review (PS2)

The EA Sports NBA Live Series has consistently dominated the Basketball Simulation genre, but this year's release is a total mess.

Way Too Fanciful
How often does a point guard block a shot, wait - block is not the right word - but volley the ball - sending it flying all the way to the other side of the court? Rare, very rare. Here it happens with regularity.

The developers have also assigned a single button for alley-oops. Now it's like a jump shot you can execute at will.

Non-existent Defense
NBA Live 2003 players are always so hot it's as though everybody's Michael Jordan. Just press the shoot button and see the ball go through the hoop. It's merely a matter of how you want the ball to go in. Since everybody shoots so well, the scores of 20-minute games end up like the real 48-minute NBA games.

There's this defensive move where you can put your arms up - the animation just looks so wrong - the players look like they're doing a pre-stretching routine.

When you're attempting to take a charge, the offensive player could simply walk right by you.

Sport simulation games ought to simulate the sport the closest way possible. NBA Live 2003 has failed to do this in every possible way.

Rating: 3.0 - Bad

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