Prince of Persia: Sands of Time Review (PS2)

A very challenging puzzle-solving action game that will keep you hooked.

One word summarizes why this game's ratings are so high: variety. No two puzzles are similar; no two settings are the same. The main character even changes appearance as you go through the story.

Each riddle will require a great deal of thinking. While you’re at it, your eyes will feast on the astounding details of the scenery. You would appreciate how much the developers have maximized the console's capability when you get to the ice cavern stage.

Poor Battle System
However, no game is perfect. The battle system is very limited. You would expect to be able to pull off sophisticated attacks and moves as you progress through the game, but the “bounce off the wall” is the best you can manage.

There's also not much diversity in the enemies. The producers may have focused on puzzle-solving features rather than action, and they did a good job. The battles serve merely as an added spice to the game.

Rating: Satisfactory [ 3/5 ]

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