God of War Review (PS2)

I bought the game out of curiosity as to why this title became the Game of the Year in 2005, and I ended up playing undoubtedly one of the best games ever made.

Extremely Challenging
Puzzles in God of War will baffle you and give you a sense of pride when you break them. Many of them are truly hard. Majority of gamers are not used to puzzles so mind-boggling that oftentimes, they wouldn't want to attempt something thinking that: "I doubt they'd make it that hard." Only to find out that it's actually the solution later on.

Unbelievable Action Sequences
Since the game packs you with only two weapons and a handful of magic spells, you might be led to think that the battles would be lame. But the game will prove you wrong. Perhaps only the battle system of Devil May Cry rivals God of War's well-built albeit gory battle sequences

One of the key elements that makes the game so remarkable is the mini-game mode, where you have the option (sometimes required on bosses)- to throw a special kill on an opponent, with a brutal final blow action clip as your bounty.

The CG movies in the game are so vividly rendered and highly detailed they look unncannily real. The clip showing the Titan carrying Pandora's rings may cause your jaws to drop. Kronos himself looks truly alive and ready to kill.

Winning Story Line
In the unlocked Treasure Mode, the game is packed with teasers that would not simply challenge you to conquer the God Mode, but also entice you with the reward of having insider stuff into the story line. This is a very clever way of getting players to replay the game.

Most games in this genre are appreciated because of the action and adventure, not because of the story line. However, the creative team of God of War managed to pull off a simple, yet captivating story about a man seeking for vengeance and repentance. The CG clip collection, when ran at full length in the Treasure mode, is a movie on its own.

Rating: Excellent [ 5/5 ]

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