Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Review (PS2)

This series just keeps on getting better.

Cream of the Crop
The Grand Theft Auto series just keeps on improving. The character skills were enriched with the ability to swim and jump over fences. Also by adding a number of customizable things like the ability to change clothes and modify cars, Rockstar has added more fun to the already intense game play. The bright characters and the well developed plot will make you feel as though you're watching a movie.

One thing I liked best about the game is the gang wars. It's exciting to amass troops and take over a territory. Also, the map now has a variety of terrains. Aside from the city, you now get to explore the farmlands and the desert.

There's so much to say about GTA: San Adreas, but to summarize it: this game belongs to the cream of the crop.

Rating: 10.0 (Excellent)

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