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You're currently a Spaceman. You introduce Typing Maniac to your friend. The next day, you wake up, open Facebook and see a huge entry in your news feed: "You've just been outranked by John."

Ouch. It's time to gear up your game.

Early-Level Strategy (1-10)

1. Attempt to Perfect Every Level
This is the best opportunity to rack up as many points as possible. A perfect level boosts your score by 20-30%. Use touch typing and aim to hit the correct key every time. When you've made up your mind on a word, finish it. The few milliseconds of delay to ensure that you never press an incorrect key would be shorter than the time wasted pressing the backspace key. The worst thing you could do is start all over. You'll lose focus and end up misspelling more words.

2. In Danger of Missing a Perfect Level? FIRE!
On these few stages when the words fall at a moderate rate, use must use Fire aggressively. Let words accumulate in the screen while trying to pick off the ones at the bottom. An alternative approach would be to pick the shortest words in the screen. When a word gets too near the ground, Fire it up.

3. Cast Slow at the Beginning of Every Level
When used at the beginning of a stage, Slow is like Ice. Use this whenever you have one at your disposal. Cast Slow once the third word appears. It gives you enough time to take out all words before the Slow effect starts to fade.

4. Ignore and Dump Wind
Since your aim is to perfect these levels, Wind is useless. So if you have the chance to skip a wind-bearing word without committing an error, do it. If you end up accumulating Wind spells nonetheless, consume them immediately even without any error to purge. This will free up valuable space for other more useful power-ups.

5. Collect Ice
Ice will be critical in the mid-levels. But take note - when in Ice mode, be extremely careful when typing words. A mistake will make the entire word drop to the ground like a brick.

Mid-Level Strategy (11-20)

1. Try at Least 1 Perfect Level
Although difficult to do, the reward will be great - 25000+ bonus points. You can usually achieve this if you get a lucky break of consecutive Ice power-ups. Simply keep on typing each word without pausing to think whether it's difficult or not.

2. Use Fire When Panicking
In these levels, words plummet down at an incredibly fast rate and Fire won't really buy you much time. However, if you find yourself overwhelmed by the number of words in the screen, it would be helpful in getting your composure back.

3. Start Stocking up on Wind
Now you'll start needing Wind. Make sure you have at least 1 Wind every time or you'll end up consuming all your power-ups just to survive a level. When the stack reaches 80% or when you hear the beep the second time, cast Wind.

4. Use Ice to Collect More Power-ups
Oftentimes, power-ups fall faster than regular words. To capture them, use ice. It's a good tradeoff when you see at least 2 spells in the screen and you know you won't be able to pick off both. If you see another Ice falling, automatically cast Ice and take as many words as you can before going for the word containing the other Ice power-up.

Late-Level Strategy (21 onwards)

1. Wind is King
Now here's where Wind will be most useful. The text now fall like rain, you cannot afford not to have Wind, otherwise it's game over for you. Since words are longer, pick the shortest words available and only aim for words that you can spell confidently. Your eyes should be in the upper to middle area, ready to take on the next word while you type the selected one. Once a word passes through that boundary, forget about it. You'll most likely miss it and probably induce panic.

2. Don't Conserve Power-ups
At these later stages, the odds of getting another power-up to replace the one you just consumed, are in your favor. In this do-or-die zone, you need to use everything in your arsenal to move on to the next level. Stocking up is pointless when the game is over right? You'll feel a lot better when you failed because you had no more spells to consume, compared to being beaten at level 22 having a half-full power-up stack that you were saving for level 23.

Other Tips
  • Slow is cumulative. This means that 2 slow spells invoked consecutively will make the words drop at a further slowed rate. Use this to your advantage.
  • If you have a full power-up stack, you can afford to take one more if you time it right - cast 1 spell before the paper aeroplane glides into your stack.
  • You get a considerably huge amount of bonus when you get 100% accuracy in the higher levels (Level 10 up).
  • A mistake costs you a lot - it makes other words go down faster. For example, you misspelled software as sotfware, all other words in the screen beginning with "so" like sober, sovereign with fall faster.
  • Every time you type something incorrectly, even the power-up names, it counts as an error.
  • Avoid the gray tiles - if you commit an error while typing them, they drop like stone.
  • Consider turning the music off.
  • Take a break every 5 levels.

Unlike many games in Facebook that are just plain time wasters, a few games actually help you develop important skills, and Typing Maniac is one of them.

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  1. Wow! These are more detailed than the tips I posted on my blog. I like the images too. =D

    Sigh, I miss playing typing maniac.

  2. Thanks for the tips!

  3. been a while since i played this.. looks like i'm still ranked #1 among my friends.. harhar.. :D great tips though, i could probably level up a bit after reading this.. ;D


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