Shadow of the Colossus Review (PS2)

A sword, a bow and a horse - these are the only things under your arsenal in Shadow of the Colossus. Not a single magic spell, no level-ups, no special moves, nor ultimate combos. Top it off with an odd and seemingly repetitive objective of slaying a dozen huge monsters. You'd think a game like this would be awfully boring - but you're mistaken.

Each Colossus is a Puzzle
When you encounter the first one, you'll be scratching your head. I have to kill that? How could a boy possibly even scratch the nail of such a gargantuan beast? That's where your brain comes in. The challenge is to find a way to climb up the giant and hit his weak points. This goal is straightforward on the first few colossi. It gets naturally more difficult as you progress through the game. The amazing assortment of monsters to conquer will stun you. You'll be fighting on land, air, water and sand. During the battles, you'll be travelling to breathtaking locations. Some places provide key spots that are critical to net the kill.

A Seamless Environment
All elements are finely crafted. The graphics is comparable to that of the classic game Ico. It perfectly suits the mood of this gloomy story of a young man who wishes to bring back a loved one to life by slaying monsters. The map is seamless - no loading time cuts at any point, and yet you can explore the whole environment anytime. The foreign language used by the mystic being gave an ancient effect to the story. The developers could have added more variety when introducing the next foe though. Giving the colossi some name would have been convincing.

Shadow of the Colossus may not be as popular as other best-selling PS2 titles, but should you decide not to play it, you would be missing something incredible.

Rating: 10.0 - Excellent
If you own a PS2, you must play this game.

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