Wanted: UOB Banking App

Try to search the App Store for the keyword UOB and you'll get "UOB Lady's Soulmate" (a shopping utility), "mLITE" by UOB Kay Hian Ptd Ltd (a third-party trading tool) and strangely, the DBS and Citibank iPhone apps.

No sign of a UOB Banking App.

It's strange.

Where Are You?
So where is this app and why hasn't it been developed until now? Many people have been looking for this and the UOB management is definitely aware of it. It's possible that their system is not ready for such a change. On the other hand, they may already have the app boiling in the lab but not yet fully cooked. This matter requires careful planning and risk assessment. While they may have lagged behind their competitors in keeping up with technology, they have shown a firm approach to customer security, sticking only to proven technologies before moving on.

Another major reason could be that unlike DBS, which predominantly uses the access token device, UOB utilizes one-time PIN sent through SMS. Building an iPhone app then combines the supposedly separate authentication methods into one device, creating a serious security risk should you lose your phone. Probably they can issue tokens too, specifically for use on their iPhone app.

iBanking via Safari? Umm.
How about internet banking through Safari? Not quite. UOB's site uses Java. Apples and Java don't mix well. Imagine dipping a slice of apple into hot java coffee. A disaster, right? This prevents access to the internet banking facility through iPhone, which could have served as an acceptable alternative route.

Are UOB customers doomed to a life of immobile banking?

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