Finally UOB iBanking on Your iPhone

Guess what? Now, you can login to UOB Personal Internet Banking via on your Safari browser! Still no app though so try to bear with the small resolution. Zoom in and out as needed.

A Security Concern

This is a bit scary, as what I have mentioned in an earlier post - both authentication methods are now in one place. If you happen to store your iBanking password on your iPhone notes and you lose your phone - goodbye life savings! UOB should have required token-type authentication on mobile transactions.

A Few Reminders

Since it's here, just consider the following points when accessing iBanking:
1. Close your Safari window after your session.
2. Clear your browser cache after use. clearly outlines the steps here.
3. Do not perform your online transactions on public wi-fi.
4. Use it only when absolutely necessary. If it can wait, carry out your transactions on a computer.
5. With a small interface, be very careful when inputting your details.

Hey dear friend UOB, you're not off the hook! We're still waiting for that app.

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