The Little Blue Dot

Ever wondered what that blue dot on the upper left section of your iPhone means? Simple – if you see that, it means your iPhone is on GPRS. Grandfather GPRS is the eldest of the mobile internet technologies supported by iPhone.

Sometimes you'll see that the dot becomes an E. Grandfather E stands for EDGE. It's an enhanced version of GPRS and born on 2003. Most people have not heard about this since the technology had been mainly used in Blackberry that time - and this brand was not a mainstream phone during this technology's peak.

3G is the current standard - it maxes out at 384Kbps and is about 2x faster than EDGE and 5x faster than GPRS. Wi-Fi, of course, is still the king. Its speed is about 140 times better than 3G but with very limited range.

These networks overlap each other – your phone chooses the fastest available one based on your current location.

What does this mean for you? If you're seeing a dot there, expect a slow internet connection.

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