Sound Touch Review (iPad App)

If there’s a Baby App Oscars, this would be my bet for Best Picture.

Sound Touch is a simple app that displays a 3 x 4 grid of cartoon images of animals, everyday objects, vehicles and musical instruments. When you touch an image, you get a random picture of the depicted item, along with its sound.
While the absence of a Settings button looks like a limitation, it's actually a very good thing - kids often accidentally launch it anyway and it breaks the fun. Without it, you get seamless and uninterrupted use. You can let your toddler play with your iPad all she wants.

All photos are crisp and bear a consistent quality - unlike other apps where the pictures look patched up from the internet and various scanned sources.
The people who recorded the audio either have uber sophisticated equipment or are just really brave folks. The lion roar sounds like the mic was placed directly under the animal's nose. No pertinent hiss or distracting background noise. And the variety is stunning. You don't hear the same sounds from the animals. Dogs bark, howl, growl. The app has a distinct sound for each photo.

Although it's not a .99c app (it's around 2.99usd), it's a good buy - given the variety and quality it has. Each group has 5 photos. With 12 groups and 6 pages total, you get 360 pieces of flash cards for your kid.

This app perfectly combines the enticing effect of cartoon icons with real life images. In fact, it's one of the few apps that I really couldn't think of anything more to add or remove. Just performs what it's set to do, and does it well - entertain and educate your kid.

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