National Treasure: Book of Secrets

They could have thrown in a couple of dragons and it would not have made the movie more implausible than it already is.

This is Fantasy, not Fiction

Breaking into the Buckingham Palace, screwing around with the Queen's desk, conniving to get into the Oval Office, manipulating the US President's schedule and kidnapping him at the same time, then while at it convince the President to reveal the location of a top secret government document - such daunting tasks. Well this trio - Ben, Riley and Abigail certainly made it appear easy.

The movie began with a premise deeply rooted in reality - a scene during the Civil War where Lincoln had been murdered. Then all hell broke loose. The climax of all improbabilities is when they discover the age-old treasure lying under Mt. Rushmore. How could someone not stumble upon such a large stash of treasure in more than 100 years? Couldn't they have chosen a less conspicuous spot?

I just can't believe the genius of Riley. He's hacking into security systems of virtually everything. How they managed to evade capture from the cops when the entire nation is watching them, is beyond me. This is too much to take in. What's worse, there seems to be a part 3 in the making. OMG.

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