PSN Welcome Back Package: An Insult to Asian Customers

After weeks of PlayStation Network outage due to a major security breach, the best thing Sony could offer its Asian customers is a handful of lame titles. It's like Sony saying: "Sorry I lost your personal information and possibly your credit card info which could result into you losing money due to unauthorized use of your identity... here's a lollipop for the trouble."

Below are the "superb" games you can choose from, some of them I've never heard of:
  • The Last Guy
  • LocoRoco
  • Trashbox
  • WipEout HD
  • Hustle Kings

Amends are always appreciated, no matter how small they are. What I don't understand is why my friend from Canada can download blockbuster titles like Infamous and Little Big Planet while I'm stuck with the awful games above. This screams discrimination with a big D. Is Sony bitter because of the high piracy rate in Asia? What makes a Western customer more special? We bought our Playstations for the same price you know. Did Sony feel it could get away with offering something special in one side of the world and the other side wouldn't know?

Had they adjusted the offers based on one's past PSN purchases and transaction history, nobody would have said a word. But based on geographical location? Come on!

Anyway, if you're out of your mind enough to even accept this offer, you can simply go to the Playstation Store and click on the "Welcome Back" banner on the right. You have several options - 2 free PS3 games, 2 free PSP games (also from a selection of mostly poor titles), and a 30-day Playstation Plus membership.

Once you've accepted the Welcome Back Ticket, it doesn't tell you what to do next. Exit the Playstation Store and go to Playstation Network > Account Management > Transaction Management > Services List. Select the Ticket and you can download your "gifts" there.

Sony better remediate this matter, or it may lose the loyalty its customers in this region.

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  1. To add fuel to the fire... PSN's service in hongkong amd korea is still down.

  2. Oh, I thought services resumed already for the whole Asia Pacific. Sad to hear that. In Singapore, it went up last May 27, but the password reset facility wasn't working for a couple of days.

  3. everyone should just be happy that sony is doing "welcome back packages" in the first place... there's no point in arguing, they won't change a something thats already been announced way back.

  4. Hi Heath4A, that's not the point I'm trying to make. Yes, we're all happy Sony is giving away free downloads. What's sad is that they did not give the freebies equally.

  5. don't you think Sony hasn't thought about this? it's simple. the sony in the US is an entirely different legal entity compared to the sony division in asia. this is just a result of different decisions between the 2 regional segments of sony

  6. Suraz, yes you do have a point. However, from a customer's perspective, no amount of corporate or legal gibberish can change the fact that the western folks are being offered better amends.


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