How to Convert an AVI Movie for iPad Viewing

2012-Mar-31 Update: If you have the budget, an easier solution is to buy the app called AVPlayerHD. It's a player that does not require conversion at all. It's 2.99.

Are you one of the people struggling to get their PC movies to their iPad? Or are you trying to convert through various tools only to end up with poor quality video or mismatched audio? Then this tutorial is for you.

Before you begin, download and install the software Any Video Converter from this link. It's free. AVC is a very powerful video converter (even has a built in Youtube downloader feature), however it currently doesn't have a custom output setting specifically tailored for iPad, so you would have to configure it manually.

Note: During installation, you may skip the part that requires you to install TuneUp for iTunes.

Step 1: Configure AVC
In Box #1 below, change the following settings:

Video Options
  • Video Codec: mpeg4
  • Frame Size: 640 x 480
  • Video Bit Rate: 768
  • Video Framerate: Auto
  • Encode Pass: 2
Audio Options
  • Audio Code: aac
  • Audito Bitrate: 64
  • Sample Rate: 11025
  • Audio Channel: 2
  • Disable Audio: No
  • A/V Sync: Default

Step 2: Load the AVI files
Drag the avi files into Box #2. Put in as many as you want.

Step 3: Convert
Click Convert - Box #3. You have to leave your PC running overnight as it will take an average of 15-20 mins per movie.

Step 4: Sync with iTunes
Once done, it will launch a folder containing the converted mp4 files. Drag the files into iTunes, and sync with your iPad. Make sure that the new videos are selected in the Videos tab of iTunes.

Lastly, go to the Videos app of your iPad and enjoy your movie.

PS: If you try to play the converted mp4 movie in your PC, the audio and video will be out of sync, it's OK. When you load it into your iPad, they will sync up properly.

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