Tips for the Uncompromising Thigh Lover

Lucky are those who do not have an affinity to a chicken part. - Anonymous

Are you a person who prefers a particular chicken piece when ordering at KFC? The give-me-thigh-or-I’ll-eat-somewhere-else type? If yes, you’ve found a friend.

High Thigh!

First, the facts. The odds of someone getting a thigh is 25% – 2 thighs against a total of 6 other possible chicken parts (2 wings, 2 drumsticks and 2 breasts). Since drumsticks and wings are used for promotional snack meals and kiddie meals, the odds are slightly higher on the thigh lover’s favor.

Rivalled only by the breast, the thigh is considered the largest cut of the chicken. Chicken thigh is dark meat - moist, a bit chewy and has long muscle strands that allow the flavor to soak deep into the meat. This gives its juicy up-to-the-bone flavor.

On the contrary, breast meat is oftentimes dry and bland. You would need to dip it into some sauce to enhance the taste. Drumsticks and chicken wings do fall into the dark meat sort, but are fairly small.

Health-wise, white meat trumps dark meat. It has less fat. Thigh actually has double the fat that breast contains. Chicken breast has a nutrition rating of B while thigh is at C+.

People Crave for Thigh

Value-for-money and taste. Those are the primary reasons why many people prefer the thigh. I always request for thigh. Many times I find myself arguing with the crew who refuses to give them. The staff have a mandate to balance the chicken parts they give out. So it’s quite rare for someone to get all thigh parts, especially in large orders. But there was this one notable incident when I got 6 pieces of thigh --- only to find out it was their last batch for the day and they were about to close in a few minutes.

Here are my tips to help get you thighs:

1. Check the Rack. Upon entering KFC, check the rack immediately. If you don’t spot a thigh there, proceed to the counter without queuing and quickly ask if there’s a batch cooking in the oven. If none, do a 360-degree turn and eat at McDonalds.

2. Order separately. When you order a 2-piece meal, chances are you’ll be given a thigh and (place any undesirable chicken part here). Ordering 2 sets of 1-piece ala carte on the other hand, can help you justify demanding thigh for both. It will be more expensive though.

3. Befriend the order taker. Small talk, crack a quick joke. Try to win the person over to swing the tide in your favor.

4. Queue on opposite gender counters. If you’re a lady, there’s a better chance you can charm your way into getting a thigh if the counter staff is a guy right?

Good luck and enjoy being high with your thigh.

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