How Not to Get Sucked into Facebooking Too Much

I visited the Facebook Events page to check the details of a party I'm attending this weekend.

Along the way, I viewed a cousin's photo in Macau, congratulated a recently wed couple, read a nice link about Steve Jobs' greatness, and then replied to a shout out about who will be the new UAAP champs.

I logged off Facebook after 30mins. Question: What time does the party start?

Oh that? (Scratching my head.)

How many times have you logged into Facebook for one purpose, only to find yourself an hour later levelling up in CityVille?

If you find yourself consuming hours on the site and feel the need to be more productive in other things, try the following:

1. Don't get sucked into the black hole called the News Feed. If you have a specific objective for checking Facebook, do that first - accept friend requests, check personal messages, or view event schedules. But never start with the News Feed.

2. Always turn off your chat. How can you not respond to a friend who just lost her cute little puppy and summoning you for help?

3. Turn on a timer. Seriously. 10-15 mins would be ideal. You stay on Facebook for a maximum of an hour a day. Anything beyond that requires immediate medical attention.

4. Limit yourself to checking FB only once a day. You already allocated time in Step 4 right? Come on, you should spare time for Angry Birds.

Just a few days ago, Facebook introduced a major overhaul on the way users organize friend lists. It allows you to subscribe or unsubscribe to specific people and granularly control what type of updates you receive from certain groups. The changes look promising. The Facebook experience should be something you choose to get involved in, not get dragged into.

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