How to Hold Your iPhone When Taking Photos

Did you ever drop your iPhone when taking a photo or video? We tend to hold the iPhone the same way as a digital camera since we often forget one simple fact: the iPhone lens is at the corner. This is the only area that you should keep unobstructed, and it's very small.

You only need to keep the small dot open.

It's unnecessary to hold it this way.

You don't have to hold it this way. Since you're only touching the edges, there's a good chance you'll drop your phone sooner or later. You’re also likely to get bad shots or videos since you're not able to hold the device steadily.

Here's how to hold your phone. You don't need to see the full frame anyway - you'll have all the time to view that later. As long as you see the subject inside the screen and you're not blocking the small camera hole, that's enough.

Firmly holding your phone will prevent it from falling, and will give you a better shot

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