Hunting for an iPhone 4S

The Anticipation

Like everyone else, I had been anticipating the arrival of iPhone 4S in Singapore. I was already eligible for re-contract a few months back but decided to wait.

Along came the Big Day – Oct 28. All 3 telecoms will be launching the phone simultaneously. I smelled blood.

I hated queuing, so I chose to order online. The M1 posters showed that the online shop would be ready to take orders at exactly 12 midnight.

Oct 27 - 11.45 PM. There's a message that the site is undergoing maintenance.

Oct 28 - 12.01 AM. The site was totally inaccessible.

Oct 28 - 12.30 AM. Nada.

Oct 28 - 01.30 AM. Nada.

The Plan
I decided to call it a night. I’ll rest for a while and continue the battle in the morning. I swore the day will not end without an iPhone 4S in my hand. I had a plan: to look for an obscure, remote M1 dealer.

Found one at the heart of an HDB estate in Bedok. It’s far from offices where there’s a concentration of iPhone hungry consumers, but still relatively near my location.

Got one on Day 1 with little trouble
As soon as lunch hour came, I rushed to the location. The cab driver told me that the M1 shop is actually inside the mall called Bedok Point. And rightly enough, there's one at the 3rd floor. The queue was about 10 people long only. There goes customer 3.

Waiting. Waiting. That 3rd person almost took 30mins all by himself. Darn. The queue started building up and the folks started to small talk. I knew something was seriously wrong.


A passerby asked me: “Any more 16 GB here? The one in Blk 211, they only have 32 GB. The 16 GB - no more stock!”

I’m interested in a 32 GB unit. My goodness - that was where I was supposed to be, to begin with! It was across the mall. I rushed outside only to face heavy rain.

I braved it. All wet, I found the most peaceful dealer in the world – like seeing Disneyland for the first time.

And yes, there was no queue.

Found out that the M1 registration system was overloaded and the response time was terrible. All branches and dealerships would have been facing the same problem that day. Good thing mine was merely for renewal and was relatively quick.

There goes my iPhone 4S story. Siri says hello.

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