Addressing NBA 2K12 Problems (PS3)

While it can be considered the best basketball simulation game, NBA 2K12 suffers from stability issues. There are cases when a saved game won't load completely, or the game hangs immediately on the splash screen.

First, make sure you have the latest patch installed.

If this still happens to you, delete the Game Data. This is prone to be corrupted. Take careful note that Game Data is different from Saved Data. You can safely delete the Game Data and happily keep your custom Settings, Rosters, or saved games.

Go to Game > Game Data and delete the NBA Live 2K12 entry.

Once you load the game, the disc will automatically create a fresh one.

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  1. man this won't necessarily fix the problem all the time, your PS3 itself may already have some problems if you keep on gettin some hangs. chk this link:


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