How to Tame that Nagging Passcode Lock

Yes, we all want to keep our phones secure. Naturally, we put a Passcode Lock. The thing is, we'd have to live with the trouble of having to press 4 keys every time we want to access our phone. It gets annoying.

But did you know you that could actually put a delay before the phone starts asking for the code? This approach protects your phone and does not torment you at the same time.

The default setting of this option is "Immediately", try changing it to one of the other 5 available options.

5-15 minutes should be good.
Choose your tolerance level. No thief would start tinkering with a stolen phone in 5mins, and someone planning to spy on you would at least wait until you're out of sight before taking a peek, so it be a good benchmark.

Ultimately, even if the wrongdoers do get through, the phone is bound to be idle sooner or later, and the Passcode Lock will eventually kick in.

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