Why It's Never a Good Idea to Rush into the New iOS

I didn’t want to write about this again, until a colleague checked with me on a passcode lock issue he’s facing on his iPad, thanks to iOS 7.

3 Months

You should wait for at least 3 months before installing the latest iOS. A major software update is bound to break your established workflows: whether it’s due to an issue that affects a commonly used function or in familiarizing yourself to reorganized menus, not counting the freshly introduced features, adjusting to a new OS will take time.

By waiting, you allow collective knowledge about the product to build and spread across the web: you’re guaranteed to have a positive answer on most questions you will face.

Allow the “ripples” of the transition phase to subside, and you can happily install with all key patches released from both Apple and their app developers.

Whether it’s iOS 4 to iOS 5, or iOS 1001 to iOS 1002, wait.

Are the Issues Preventable?

You’d think that with Apple’s massive resources at its disposal that their QA team could have done better? The widespread iMessage issues only prove that no amount of software testing can detect all possible problems. Bugs are notorious for only showing up in the wild. How fast a company swats those pests, that makes the difference.

Unless there’s a feature in the OS that you’re dying to get your hands on, or one of your important apps requires the latest OS, there’s never really a compelling reason to jump into it immediately.

It took me half a year before updating to iOS 6. Have you updated to iOS 7 yet? What troubles did you face?

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