Learning Ukulele

I used to play the guitar. But it’s bulky. I’ve been lugging my guitar around for years, unused. Occupies too much space. I figured something portable like a ukulele would be better.

I bought the ukulele in the photo a year ago and just dove in. What immediately caught my attention was that the order of the strings is different. In a guitar, the strings are arranged sequentially from thickest to thinnest. In a ukulele, the thickest strings are in the middle.

Another challenge is holding it right. The size of a guitar lends itself to naturally resting on your legs. A ukulele feels awkward. I feel like I have to constantly press it towards my body to keep it stable as I play.

Using Youtube, web tutorials and my existing music background, I was able to learn majority of the chords quickly - except for the outrageous E chord!

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